Mcafee 25 Digit Code Activation

Use & Importance of Mcafee 25 Digit Code Activation

Mcafee is an antivirus company that provides great performance antivirus applications. Every file, as well as data of your computer or laptop, remains secure when you install the McAfee antivirus. This great service can be established on your Pc by just installing the tiny application named Mcafee. To install it successfully you need to activate it and for the activation, you need the Mcafee 25 Digit Code Activation. After activating the antivirus you need to complete the activation process and the Mcafee is ready to scan your Pc.

Now let us know the use of the McAfee antivirus. In the process of installing the McAfee antivirus, the role of activation code is important at two places i.e.

  • While creating the Mcafee account Online
  • While Installing the Downloaded application of Mcafee.

Use of Mcafee 25 digit code activation while creating an account

When you have an existing Mcafee Account:

enter mcafee 25 digit code
  • Open any web browser or generally open Google chrome on your device
  • Search for the link provided on the retail card of Mcafee. Or simply search for the Url
  • Now a webpage will open in front of you.
  • The page will consist of two boxes. One box will be for the Mcafee 25 digit code activation and the other for email. Click on next
  • Input the activation code and slide the window down
  • Now type the email in the given email box.
  • Mcafee will send a confirmation link to your email to confirm it.
  • Open your email inbox and open the email of McAfee.
  • Now click on the verification link marked in blue.
  • Then you will be redirected to the login page. Log in using your account.

When you don't have an existing Mcafee account:

  • Open any web browser or generally open Google chrome on your device
  • Type the link '' and an official website of McAfee will open.
  • Now click on the Register Now option available in the red box.
  • Then you have to fill up some details to create a new account.
  • The details consist of First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and a strong Password.
  • Then click on the 'I Agree' button present below
  • Now a 'My Account' page will open in front of you. This is the dashboard of your account.
  • Your Mcafee account creation is successful.

Use of Mcafee 25 digit code activation for Installation

mcafee 25 digit code activation

Before Installation, download the application from your account. To download:

  • Open the login page of Mcafee and Input the login credentials.
  • Now the dashboard of your will open in front of you. Scroll down the window
  • Now go to the Downloads & devices option and click on it
  • Then a download file will be visible to you. This will be a file of the application you have purchased.
  • Now select the operating system of your device or computer and click on the download button.
  • Then a file will start downloading automatically. It will take some time to download depending on the internet speed.

Installation process:

  1. Go to the Downloads folder on your device.
  2. Search for the Mcafee setup file as well as double click on it.
  3. Then a permission window will appear on your Pc. Click on the Yes button.
  4. Now the setup file of Mcafee will open automatically.
  5. Note: Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  6. The software will search for any McAfee application previously installed on your device.
  7. If installed then you have to uninstall it using the uninstaller application of Mcafee.
  8. Then Put the Mcafee 25 digit code activation in the box given.
  9. Now click on the Next button.
  10. Then select the language of the setup as well as select the country of residence as the United States. Then again click on the Next option.
  11. Now click on the Checkbox of the 'I Agree' and click on the install option
  12. Now the application will start installing automatically.
  13. It will take some time to install and the application will install soon.
  14. Now restart your Pc and the shortcut application of Mcafee will be seen on your Pc desktop.
  15. Open the Mcafee application and start the full scan of your Pc.

If you doubt where to find the Mcafee 25 digit code activation then

The activation code of Mcafee antivirus is available at:-

  • Behind the retail card of Mcafee or it can be inside the retail card
  • If bought online it will be sent to your email address.
  • You have to scratch the code using a coin. Don't scratch it using a nail or any other scratching device.